ORIJINAL was born from an appreciation of unique textiles. I was always looking for that one piece that would pull my neutral wardrobe together, a signature statement that set me apart from the masses. Having owned several kilim rugs & used them for their versatility throughout my home, I kept thinking how perfect it would be if I could use them in my wardrobe as well. Voila! 

Over the past several years, the brand has grown and changed, but our core values have remained the same - a commitment to craftmanship, an appreciation for the Turkish culture that continues to inspire, a love of travel, and above all else; a celebration of the colors and textures that make each and every kilim textile one-of-a-kind. 

The weaver’s personal touch is felt in every kilim, that's why each ORIJINAL design is entirely unique. We work closely alongside Turkish dealers to find kilims that are particularly beautiful & decades old, but often damaged, stained or worn by time. Repurposing these textiles allows us to upcycle items that would otherwise be devalued based on their condition instead of adored for their inherent beauty. Once the rug reaches our studio in NC, each necklace is affectionately crafted by our team of makers from around the world, making ORIJINAL a truly global effort. 

We're delighted you've had an opportunity to hear about us! Wishing you peace, love, & happy travels,

Kate xoxo

Founder & Designer, An ORIJINAL Look