ALVA 038 Pendant Necklace

ALVA 038 Pendant Necklace

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Our newest design features large statement motifs from the center|main pattern section of the kilim. Meant to communicate ideas from fertility to good luck, each and every design is based on an ancient symbol and often meant as protection for the wearer. Available with your choice of either a raw brass collar or 22" rope strap.

Raw brass naturally takes on a gorgeous patina that looks great with our vintage rugs. But, if you want to keep that shine, a polishing pad is included with all brass orders.

Please note: due to the age of the original textiles, there will be signs of wear & due to the nature of handweaving, there will be imperfections. . .we consider these irregularities signs that the kilims have been well-loved. 

Pendant measures 5.25" x 4.5"

Rope or Brass?:
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